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How it works:

Welcome to the Starcraft 2 Resource Calculator! As the name implies, this tool will help you to calculate how many minerals and vespene gas each of your bases will pull in during a match. Just like in a game of Starcraft 2, mineral income will adjust based on the amount of workers per mineral node. The first two workers on a mineral node will have optimal gather rates while the third worker will gather at a slower rate. After three workers on a mineral node there will be no increase in mineral income. As well, after three workers are assigned to a gas geyser there is no increase in gas income.

If you want to simulate mineral patches being mined out or make a base with less mineral nodes (i.e. gold base), simply press the 'node -' button on a base card to delete a mineral node. You can also increase mineral nodes with the 'node +' button; I included this since some bases in the various game modes have more than 8 mineral patches to start. Hitting the 'saturate base' button on a base card will give you the optimal worker setup depending on how many mineral nodes are left for that base. Lastly, clicking the small mineral and gas icons in the bottom left of a base card will toggle that base's mineral or gas type.

This tool should not be used for any serious build order planning as it does not take into account many different variables, such as MULES. Instead, use it to get a general idea of where your income will be at during different stages of the game.

All gather rates are based on the Liquipedia sc2 resources section. After testing the gather rates myself in a custom map I can say that they are very accurate. These stats however are still just estimates so take that for what it is!

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